Electricians Fish Tape

As you know when you are wiring a building and need to get the wire through the conduit this is a critical tool to get the job done.

Gardner Bender FTS-100GR Fish Tape, Plated Carbon Steel, Cable Snake, 120 ft. x 1/8 in.

  • A innovative hand trigger assembly provides constant tension during retrieval of tape to wind tightly as it automatically wipes off excess lubricant
  • Tape is wound directly into housing, no need to “snap” retaining tapes
  • Fish tape ball is designed for easier maneuvering in potentially trick bends
  • Four viewing ports on reel tell at a glance how much tape remains
  • Easy disassembly for fast replacement of tape

Gardner Bender’s innovative and patented Cable Snake is a rugged, ergonomically-designed steel fish tape. The handle is made of impact-resistant plastic that will not pop out and offers the largest opening and gripping surface in the industry. The exclusive trigger design cleans the tape and provides constant tension during retrieval. Tape is wound directly into the housing with no need to “snap” retaining tapes and has clean lubricating properties to prevent rust. Fish tape ball helps guide through tricky bends and is designed to pull up to 500 lbs. Use to pull wire thru conduit or framing to install electrical boxes, outlets, lighting fixtures, doorbells, Datacom and security systems.